Siri's Dream entrepreneur academy

Fulfilling The Vision

Classes Start January 7, 2020

6:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Every Tuesday

875 N Michigan Avenue, Suite 3100

Chicago, IL 60611



Online & Onsite Classes Available!

If you can not attend the classes in person, join our online classes and receive all of the class assignments and materials.  When there is a guest speaker, you can join via skype to listen in.  This option is available for the class also.  Click below to register for online classes today!  Class starts January 7th!

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About the Academy


The fulfilling the vision entrepreneurship program was launched on
February 1, 2000 as a group of monthly entrepreneur training seminars that were held at various hotels throughout the state of Illinois. These seminars were taught by the founder, Siri Hibbler, a serial entrepreneur, trainer, executive coach, chief marketing executive and motivational speaker. 

Today, these educational seminars have evolved into a full 10-week class curriculum, where aspiring and existing entrepreneurs are taught how to write a full business plan that includes financial analysis, P&L’s, metrics, customer demographics, ratios, milestones and accessing capital. Students are also taught how the creative process works in entrepreneurship as well as the implementation of “disruptive technologies” and innovation. Students will have the chance to meet current Multimillionaire Entrepreneurs, obtain mentors and coaches to help them grow successful companies. After completion of the class, graduates will have a chance to obtain start-up or expansion capital for their business via pitch contests and scholarships.





1) Students can define entrepreneurship and the creative process.

2) Can create, analyze and present the components of their business plan.

3) Can define and provide a written example of disruptive technologies.

4) Can explain the characteristics of an entrepreneur, visionary, disruptor and how they engage in the creative process that may change the world.

5) Can define leadership, sales and marketing in the creative process.

6) Can work on a collaborative team to solve problems and develop new ideas.

7) Can apply the creative process toward the completion of their business plan.

8) Understand innovation and the creative process, and the roles they play in entrepreneurship.

9) Contributing to online group discussions via Facebook group page.

10) Graduation***


1) Successful completion of all assignments and readings.

2) Be prepared to discuss the readings and written assignments in class.

3) Creating a compelling pitch presentation and business plan.

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